Chapel visitors give bags of support to Friends

Visitors buying gifts or souvenirs at Rosslyn Chapel’s shop will now give extra support to the local environment, when they purchase a single-use bag. In line with new legislation, a bag charge of 5p was introduced in October 2014 and this money will now be given by the Chapel to support local conservation projects, undertaken by the Friends of Roslin Glen.

The Friends of Roslin Glen were established in November 2007. The group comprises local residents, council rangers, volunteer organisations and other interested parties, who work with local landowners to maintain access to the glen, as well as improve biodiversity, maintain paths and open areas, generally enhancing the area for visitors and wildlife. Roslin Glen is a stretch of countryside along the River North Esk, to the north and south of Roslin village.

Ian Gardner, Director of Rossslyn Chapel Trust said ‘When the legislation was introduced, it was suggested that the money raised from charging for bags should be used to benefit the environment. I am delighted that our visitors will be supporting the work of the Friends of Roslin Glen in this way, as the story of the Chapel and its surroundings are so closely integrated.’

13 February 2015|Categories: Community|
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