Visitor Information

Rosslyn Chapel took over 40 years to build and was incomplete when Sir William St Clair, the founder, died in 1484. The beauty of its setting and the mysterious symbolism of its ornate stonework have inspired, attracted and intrigued artists, writers and visitors ever since.

Practically every surface inside and outside this unique building is carved in an outstanding display of craftsmanship, including perfect angels, Green Men and the famous Apprentice Pillar.

Please use this section, and the frequently asked questions below, to help plan your visit. We look forward to welcoming you soon!

Opening Hours

Rosslyn Chapel is open throughout the year. We look forward to welcoming you soon!

Now open daily


Information Talks

Information talks are offered by the Chapel’s Guides during each timeslot. These usually begin 20 minutes after the start of the time slot and last for around 10 minutes.

Chapel Visit FAQs

Tickets should now be booked in advance here to guarantee your visit for one of the time slots available. Each time slot gives access to the Chapel for lasts for one and a half hours; the time you spend time in the grounds and visitor centre is additional

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