Junior Tour Guides at Rosslyn Chapel

In October of this year, Rosslyn Chapel will be launching the second year of our Junior Tour Guide scheme.

Pupils from Roslin Primary School have been busy learning scripts and orientating themselves with our many carvings and are all looking forward to getting started.

Once the season begins, primary schools from across the area will be invited to visit the Chapel.

The Junior Tour Guides will all be dressed in period costumes, and will meet the visiting school group.

The Junior guides will then lead the group into the Chapel and perform a fifteen minute show taking the audience on a journey from the foundation of the Chapel, to the modern day conservation work.

The audience will then be directed to various areas of the Chapel where other Junior Tour Guides will be able to talk about specific carvings and set tasks for the visiting children.

The Junior Tour Guides will not only be performing to visiting primary schools; these tours are open to all visitors.

We hope that all our visitors who are in the Chapel at the time, will enjoy taking part in these performances.

The official launch will be on October 5th, and everyone at the Chapel is really looking forward to handing over to our budding Junior Tour Guides.

21 September 2011|Categories: Learning|
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