Chapel featuring in TV’s ‘Secret Scotland’

Rosslyn Chapel is one of the locations to be shown in the first episode of a new series, starting on Channel 5, this Friday (8th February).

‘Secret Scotland’, presented by Susan Calman, will ‘pull back the curtain on some of Scotland’s most iconic destinations’ as she discovers the untold tales and secret stories behind a host of world-famous locations, from Loch Ness to Edinburgh Castle and Rosslyn Chapel to Skara Brae. Susan visited the Chapel last spring to discover more about its famous carvings and legends. She also met the late Stuart Mitchell, who composed a piece of music based on the ‘musical cubes’ within the 15th-century building. Susan described Rosslyn Chapel as ‘ beautiful and fascinating Chapel; a wonderful place, full of amazing secrets’.

The first episode of Secret Scotland is on Channel 5 at 8pm on Friday 8 February.

5 February 2019|Categories: Tourism|
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