February fun planned at Rosslyn Chapel

With the February mid-term school holiday almost upon us, there are family activities planned at Rosslyn Chapel, Midlothian’s iconic attraction.

Throughout the week (11th-15th), there will be a treasure hunt, encouraging young visitors to find a variety of clues around the historic Chapel. All clues will be based on a theme of ‘nature’, since this is the Year of Natural Scotland and many of the Chapel’s famous carvings feature animals, plants, flowers and foliage. During the week, there will be additional activities taking place with Chapel-inspired board games available for playing on Tuesday afternoon and Thursday afternoon, heraldic-themed arts and crafts on Wednesday afternoon, and apprentice pillar and gargoyle making on Friday afternoon.

Ian Gardner, Director of Rosslyn Chapel Trust, said ‘Whatever the weather is like, this is a great time for families to visit Rosslyn Chapel, with so much to see in this fascinating building, warming treats in the coffee shop and the chance to take part in our treasure hunt and activities. Admission is free for accompanied children and, for no extra cost, adults can easily turn their ticket into a year’s pass, thanks to our Gift Aid scheme.’

4 February 2013|Categories: Community|
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