More scaffolding comes down at the Chapel

More scaffolding has come down this week at Rosslyn Chapel, as the major conservation programme draws to an end.

Nic Boyes, of Nicholas Boyes Stone Conservation Ltd, said: ‘The recent improvement in the weather has allowed us to complete conservation treatments to the north and south transept walls and west elevation masonry. Vastly improved wall capping and traditional lime mortar pointing has ensured that the conserved masonry will remain in good condition into the future. We are now applying conservation treatments to the 19th-century Baptistry including the statues and architectural decoration. Even though the Baptistry masonry is much younger than the 15th-century Chapel masonry, much work is required to repair fragmented statues, replace decayed stone, fix loose decoration, fill cracks, remove acquired grime and fill construction joints with traditional lime mortar.’

It is hoped that the work to the Baptistry will be completed by the end of May and then, over the summer months, work will be completed on conserving the Chapel’s historic stained glass windows.

The Rosslyn Chapel conservation programme has been generously supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund and Historic Scotland.

14 May 2013|Categories: Conservation|
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