Share a Story about Rosslyn Chapel

People around the world are being invited to share a story about Rosslyn Chapel, as part of Scotland’s Year of Stories 2022, with the aim of adding a variety of personal reminiscences to the Chapel’s archive.

Rosslyn Chapel, which was founded in 1446, has featured in a number of stories, most notably Dan Brown’s novel, The Da Vinci Code, which led to a large increase in visit to the Midlothian site. The Chapel has, though, attracted visitors for generations, with early visitors recording their stories in travel journals. In one of the earliest, Thomas Kirk describes the story of the Apprentice Pillar in his Tours in Scotland, dated 12 August 1677. Now, Rosslyn Chapel Trust is looking to add stories and memories of more recent visits to its archives.

Ian Gardner, Director of Rosslyn Chapel Trust, said: ‘We often hear stories and memories about Rosslyn Chapel and now we want to record these for the future as part of our archive. This year, designated Scotland’s Year of Stories 2022, provides the perfect opportunity for us to do that. Whether you have visited in the past, or attended an event, a service, wedding or concert, please share your story with us so that we can pass it on to future generations’.

Stories about the Chapel or Rosslyn Castle can be emailed to [email protected] or shared through Rosslyn Chapel Trust’s Facebook page. A selection of stories will be published on the Chapel’s website.


2 November 2022|Categories: Tourism|
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