Take note! Chapel concert supports school library

A concert held at Rosslyn Chapel in March has helped the village school stock its library with history books.

The concert, given by Heriot-Watt University’s Excelsior per Cantum Choir, included a wide programme of music from Scotland, some from 1,000 years ago and some from last year. Proceeds from the evening  have supported Roslin Primary School’s task to fill the library in their new school building, which opened last summer, and a selection of history-themed books was presented by The Countess of Rosslyn (pictured) during a visit to the school this week.

The book selection was made by P6 pupils, Eva, Elliot and Isabella, also pictured, with Head Teacher Jo Wilson. Lady Rosslyn was then treated to a tour of the new school building by P7 pupils  Saul and Frieda.

Rosslyn Chapel Trust and Roslin Primary School both record their thanks to Heriot-Watt’s choir, and director Steve King, for their help in supporting this great cause.

21 June 2018|Categories: Community|
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