William lends a paw to attract more visitors

William the Chapel Cat is hoping to encourage more people to explore Rosslyn Chapel this spring by appearing in a feature in ‘Your Cat’, Britain’s best-selling cat magazine.

William is the star of the the ‘working cats’ feature of the April edition of the magazine and it is hoped that many readers will be inspired to explore his medieval Midlothian base as a result. Ian Gardner, Director of Rosslyn Chapel Trust, said ‘William has become a firm favourite with visitors and is often mentioned in visitor surveys, social media comments and on TripAdvisor reviews. He first visited as a kitten and has been a regular visitor ever since.’

Reflecting his popularity, William has inspired a number of items in the Chapel’s gift shop and website shop and even features in a story book, William the Cat and the Rescue of Rosslyn Chapel, specially written by The Countess of Rosslyn and illustrated by Rosie Wellesley (photographed, right, at the book’s launch).

He is, however, taking his growing fame in his stride and can still often be found asleep on one of the pews in the Chapel.

23 March 2018|Categories: Tourism|
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