Chapel Bees

In May 2023, Rosslyn Chapel took delivery of four hives and re-established a connection between the historic building and bees, which stretches back nearly 600 years.

The hives have been provided by Webster Honey, a company based in Kinross, which was set up by Daniel Webster and his partner Emily-Kate in 2016. Through their sponsorship programme, schools, businesses and other venues have all successfully hosted hives, with beekeepers tending the hives every 7-10 days during the honeybee season.

This new partnership with the Chapel celebrates a very historic link with the building, which was founded in 1446.  During a major conservation project, which lasted from 1997 until 2013, the lower shaft of a stone finial, high up on the north side of the Chapel, was found to have been an active beehive and was full of old honeycomb. A small hole in the centre of a finely carved flower provided access for bees into a large cavity and was intended to provide a safe haven, as they were considered to be sacred. During further work, an additional twenty-one hives were discovered.

The four new hives were welcomed by pupils in Roslin Primary School’s Eco-Committee. Their artwork has been incorporated into special designs for the hives and they have given each hive a name.

The first batch of honey was harvested in late autumn 2023 and the Chapel Bees have inspired a new range of products in the gift shop.


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