Safety Information

We want to make sure that your visit is as safe and enjoyable as posible:

Advance booking essential

To guarantee a visit, tickets should be bought in advance from this website and will be for one of the 90-minute time slots throughout the day

Limited capacity implemented

The number of visitors on-site at any time is being managed through 90-minute timeslots. Each time slot, specifying arrival and departures times,  will give visitors time to enjoy the interior of the Chapel and then explore outside and the visitor centre at a leisurely pace. Don’t miss the delights of our coffee shop with outside seating available on the terrace.

Hand sanitiser stations available

Hand sanitiser stations are placed on site

Enhanced cleaning in all areas

An enhanced cleaning programme is in place throughout the day and the Chapel doors will be open to provide more ventilation during your visit

Hygiene screens in the visitor centre

Payment should be by card if possible


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