Rosslyn Chapel is a 15th Century building, and its historic nature prevents us from making it fully accessible.

The following information is provided to help visitors with disabilities get the most out of their visit.

We welcome assistance dogs throughout the Chapel and visitor centre.


Designated parking spaces are available in the main car park, which is about 150 metres from the entrance. It is an uphill walk.  Wheelchair users who feel that they may need assistance should call us prior to their visit and we will do our best to assist you.

Visitor Centre

The new visitor centre is fully accessible. There are electronic glass sliding doors on entry and exit. There is an accessible toilet in the Centre. The shop and coffee shop are also accessible for wheelchair users.

Outside the Chapel

We have installed a system called Cedagravel to make the gravel around the Chapel much more accessible. Cedagravel is a plastic cellular system, which holds the gravel in place, making it easier for people using wheelchairs, or pushing prams or buggies, to appreciate the exterior of the building.  An automatic door leads back into the Visitor Centre.

There are a number of benches in the grounds, providing plenty of seating.

Inside the Chapel

The Chapel entrance is only 31″ wide and this is not accessible for all wheelchairs.  We find that some electric wheelchairs or sports wheelchairs do not fit, although an alternative door, through the Baptistry at the west end, can be easier. If a wheelchair user is able  to transfer into our folding wheelchair they may enter the chapel that way. If you have any doubts, please contact us for advice prior to visiting, as we would not wish you to be disappointed.

Inside the chapel there are single steps to the Baptistry  and Lady Chapel.  We have installed a ramp leading to the Baptistry.

The Crypt is down a very steep flight of steps and is not recommended for anyone with mobility problems.  Our staff can show you imagery of the crypt on request.

There is an induction loop in the Chapel which should help if listening to one of the Guides’ information talks.

Enjoying the Chapel

An audio guide is available for visually impaired visitors. Please ask for the audio description handset on arrival.

An audio guide with a signed tour of the chapel is also available for visitors who use BSL.

There is plenty of seating within the Chapel.


Disabled Access Reviews

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