Rosslyn Castle restoration
Rosslyn Castle restoration

Restoration of Rosslyn Castle

A major programme of repair and restoration at one of Midlothian's most historic sites began in September 2022. The work at Rosslyn Castle is being undertaken by Rosslyn Chapel Trust.

Rosslyn Castle, just a short walk from Rosslyn Chapel, was built by the St Clair family and the oldest parts date back to the early 14th century.

The Castle has had a turbulent history, suffering from a serious fire in the 15th century, severe destruction in the 16th century during the ‘Rough Wooing’ and further attack by the Cromwellian army, led by General Monk, in the 17th century.

castle and Chapel

Conserving the Castle

Although much of the site is ruinous, the East Range, developed as a domestic residence and completed in 1622, is still partly occupied and let as holiday accommodation.

However, some parts of the East Range, the former Great Hall and Tower, have remained in a ruinous state, leading to further deterioration including to the three levels of vaults below ground level.

Following a study to determine the best approach to consolidation and protection of the vulnerable masonry, it was concluded that a permanent roof would be the most sustainable and appropriate approach.

The programme of work will reintegrate the ruinous and habitable parts of the East Range to secure its long-term future. It will provide more resilience in the context of climate change and increased rainfall, which is having an increasingly detrimental impact of the building’s historic fabric.

Photo: (top) aerial view of the ruined Great Hall; (below) ruined Great Hall on right

The exterior of the work

Benefits for Guests

The East Range has provided self-catering holiday accommodation, in partnership with The Landmark Trust, since the 1980s.

Re-roofing The Great Hall, will allow a new kitchen and living area to be created at ground level and an additional bedroom to be located in the former Tower.

Work will also be undertaken to develop a new sustainable heating strategy and upgrade the energy efficiency of the whole building.

We expect the work to last until summer 2024.

Photo: (top) impression of reroofed Great Hall; (below) impression of new living area within the reroofed Great Hall

Castle project artists impression north view
The living room interior

Project updates

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Project team

We are delighted to be working with:

PagePark - Architects

John Dennis & Company (Scotland) Ltd  - Main Contractor

Harley Haddow - Mechanical and Electrical

Narro Associates - Engineers

Morham and Brotchie Partnership - Quantity Surveyors


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