The Organ

The mechanical action organ in the Chapel was originally built by the Edinburgh organ builder David Hamilton.

The Great organ has been enlarged by two speaking stops: the pipes of the Mixture III are scaled from the Great Principal 4′; the Trumpet 8′ is copied from the example by Hamilton in St Mary’s Church, Dalkeith. The Swell organ has been returned to its traditional Tenor C compass, the specification unaltered.

The casework has been returned to its original proportions, and finials and other decorative details have been replaced where damaged or missing. The casework has also been repaired around the console area where a new pedalboard (with a 27-note compass) has been installed.

The organ sound now projects more freely into the building, the instrument having been moved forward in the organ gallery.

Neil Richerby
Lammermuir Pipe Organs

The Rosslyn Chapel Organ has been refurbished over the past 18 months, and this video shows the process behind this refurbishment.  Introduced by the man responsible for this project,  Neil Richerby from Lammermuir Organs.

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