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‘A story in stone’ and we believe one to be shared. Would you like to be involved in a project with us, or would you like us to become part of yours?

What we can offer you

  • Voices of Rosslyn. With over 550 years of history, we know the chapel is steeped in stories. We would like to hear yours! A reminiscence project to gain the contemporary history of Rosslyn Chapel. Collecting your stories and memories of your past times at the chapel.
  • Did you get married here? Remember singing in the choir? Were you one of the workers on the chapel over the years? We’d love to hear from you, whatever your story.
  • Visit us. Do you run a group? We can work with you to deliver a specific visit, develop a specific quiz and activities for groups such as brownies working towards a specific badge or a local history group just wanting a trip out. Please get in touch and see what kind of visit we can offer you.
  • Coming to you. Does your group have regular talks, would you like us to come and visit you? From specific topical talks to the general history of the chapel, or maybe a craft session for the younger ones? We love coming along and working with different groups throughout communities, and not just for the tea and cake!
  • Volunteering with us. If you have a bit of spare time to give and would be interested in joining our volunteering team keep a look out here. We offer a varied range of volunteering opportunities from working on site to research and project based work we hope there will be something for the experience you’re hoping for.
  • In the community. Are you hosting a community event? Give us a corner and we would be happy to provide free activities for kids, a craft stall or story’s and games, we can work with you and fit with your event.
For any questions or to find out any more about what we do and what we can offer please contact  Fiona on  [email protected] or 0131 440 2159

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