• Roslin Glen

Roslin Glen

Rosslyn Chapel Trust is responsible for the conservation and care of part of the picturesque landscape known as Roslin Glen, which is adjacent to Rosslyn Castle and Rosslyn Chapel.

Roslin Glen contains the largest surviving stretch of ancient woodland in Midlothian and is a haven for all kinds of wildlife.

Roslin Glen in the autumn

Running through the Glen is the River North Esk, which stretches from the Pentland hills to the point where it joins the South Esk at Dalkeith Country Park.

River North Esk flowing through Roslin Glen

The natural beauty of Roslin Glen has attracted the interest of many writers and artists and was a particular favourite in the 18th and early 19th centuries. One of the most famous artists to have drawn inspiration from Roslin Glen was JMW Turner. Dorothy Wordsworth, along with her brother William, stayed in the village in 1803 and Dorothy wrote that she ‘had never passed through a more delicious dell than the glen at Roslin’.

Rosslyn Chapel Trust gratefully acknowledges the practical support provided by the Friends of Roslin Glen and Midlothian Council Ranger service.

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