With the Family

Step back in time and explore the chapel. Make the most out of your visit – Do it together! And remember admission is free for children who enter as part of a family group.

What we offer, during your visit:

  • Explore the chapel – try our activity sheet with a word search, quiz and drawing challenge
  • Spot the carvings in the Chapel – How many angels can you see playing instruments?
  • We have over 100 green men in the chapel. What are they? How many can you find?
  • Can you find the elephant hiding amongst the carvings? What other animals can you find in the chapel?
  • Who is William? Is he visiting today?
  • Play to win: find out the Chapel’s story in our unique ‘ropes and ladders’ game in the visitor centre
  • Would you be able to put the ceiling together? Build the arch in the visitor centre to find out
  • Have a go at the interactives in the visitor centre. Don’t miss the story hoods!
  • Check out our selection of souvenirs in the gift shop, with many at pocket-money prices
  • Don’t miss the treats in the coffee shop – the hot chocolate is definitely recommended!
  • Are you working towards graduation with the Children’s University? As a learning destination we have created a range of activities for you from a simple visit, spending time exploring the chapel to using one of our quizzes – you’ll earn your time towards graduating with every visit.
  • Keep up to date with what’s on at the chapel and look out for events for your family here…

Back at home

  • Keep in touch with the chapel and see what we’re up to on facebook and twitter.
  • Something for a rainy day: have a look at our puzzles and activities.
  • Plan your next visit. What did you miss?
  • Would you like to learn more? Discover Curious Minds and explore further information and stories related to the chapel.
For any questions or to find out any more about what we do and what we can offer please contact Sarah on [email protected] or 0131 440 2159

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